Dental implants

The dental implant is an artificial tooth that performs the functions of a natural one, thus recovering the patient both the functionality of his mouth and the aesthetic. They are composed of a titanium screw, which fits into the jaw bone, and a crown, which mimics the natural tooth and is the outer part that is seen. Before performing a dental implant placement intervention, it is necessary to carry out a complete study of the patient’s mouth, confirm that such a piece can be placed and study the condition of the bone and gums.

We return the functionality to your oral structure

A dental implant is a small cylindrical shaped attachment, made of a metal biologically compatible with the body, which is why the probability of rejection by the human body is minimal. Its essential function is to replace the lost tooth root and serve as a support for an artificial tooth or dental prosthesis. Dental implants have great advantages, since in addition to providing comfort, support and stability to artificial teeth, they feel and look very natural, thus returning your self-esteem as you will see yourself with your full denture.

Implantology as a solution for your oral health

Implantology is a surgical area of ​​dentistry that is dedicated to the placement of dental implants in the jaw or jaw, they are structures made of pure titanium and replace the roots of lost teeth. The implants provide a safe and permanent solution for the replacement of one or more teeth. On the implants, prosthetic rehabilitations are designed that allow us to return the masticatory, phonetic and aesthetic functions of the patient. The choice of the type of implant that is placed in patients is made based on the diagnosis, prognosis and interdisciplinary treatment plan among the different specialties that act with each patient.


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