Rogeer Hernan C

Director and Practice Manager

I began my career as a dental technician in 2014, having 5 years of experience in dentistry  as Dental Technician with all dental cases but shortly after I created Condor Dent “ Dental Surgery” in May 2019.

I obtained my first hand practical as well as clinical knowledge from Dr Luis H. Cushicondor, which improved my management skills and led me to become the Director and Practice Manager.
My Mentor and Dr Luis H. Cushicondor enriched me with invaluable clinical knowledge over the span of 10 years to help and facilitate the patient’s treatment the best way possible. Now, I have overall responsibility for the day to day running of my dental clinic, staff management and patient satisfaction.
I am also available to discuss all aspects of a patient’s – or a potential patient’s – dental treatment and financing arrangements.

We are a caring, patient centric clinic, fully understanding the need for our clients to feel comfortable and assured, as well as having the best possible dental experience.
I believe we are unique in dentistry. I offer to all our patients the best dental treatment with my profesional staff: Experienced dentist, Masters and Degrees in Dentistry. All our dentists have the highest qualifications to get the best dental treatments in Condor Dent.


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