Dental specialty known as root canal treatment. The most frequent cause of infection, inflammation and necrosis of the pulp is the existence of caries, although it could also cause trauma, abrasion and wear of the teeth, in the same way many times this treatment is planned for prosthetic purposes. If you feel pain while chewing, swelling and tenderness it is recommended that it be referred to the endodontist, who with an x-ray and an adequate diagnosis can examine and determine the appropriate treatment and on time.

We guarantee 100% success in endodontic treatments

Through the Endodontics Specialty, we perform all those procedures aimed at caring for and preserving the health of the roots of your teeth and the dental pulp that is inside them. When the pulp that is inside the root of your tooth dies or becomes ill, it is urgent to undergo a root canal treatment, whose purpose will be to save your tooth and keep it healthy in your mouth for a long time. Within the pulp are blood vessels, nerves and cells, responsible for supplying the nutrients, blood and oxygen that guarantee the life of your teeth. Once the pulp is removed because it is dead or damaged, the remaining space is cleaned very well and filled with a special material, thus sealing the root canal. Our experienced team of specialists in the area of ​​Endodontics performs endodontic treatments (root canal treatments), with the support of a digital microscopy team, digital apex locators and radiovisiographs that allow us to see the internal ducts of your teeth during the procedure.


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