The Invisalign technique is the latest technical incorporation to orthodontic treatment and involves a radical change in its conception, since it lacks wires, brackets and other moving parts, as is the case with elastics. In addition, it represents an aesthetic solution as it is transparent and barely noticeable by the surrounding people. It is not invisible, as is the case with lingual orthodontics, but almost; even more if you take into account that by being removable, whether for reasons of image or practical issues, the patient can remove it in specific situations

The right way to do a good job

After carrying out the corresponding study and building a model of how both dental arches should be, through a 3D computer program the treatment is planned in detail and two cases (one for each dental arch) are manufactured with plastic materials that are adapted with precision to the denture and in whose interior a series of elements (aligners) are placed, also made to measure, which are those that exert the necessary force to, little by little, bring the teeth to the desired position.

Who is Invisalign indicated for?

 With Invisalign you can correct different occlusive problems: Crowded teeth / Interdental spaces too wide / Upper teeth overlapping with the lower ones when closing the mouth (overbite) / Cross bite (badly aligned dental arches) / Lower front teeth in front of the upper ones.


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