Orthodontics is the ideal treatment to correct problems of bad dental position, crooked and crowded teeth and also corrects much more serious problems related to malocclusion or bad bite. This bad bite occurs when there is no proper fit between your upper and lower teeth, that is, they do not fit perfectly. A good orthodontic treatment goes beyond aligning and straightening your teeth and must go in to thoroughly correct other more delicate problems related to your bite. We have an excellent team of highly qualified and experienced orthodontists.​

What problems corrects orthodontics

This treatment is performed in patients who do not have an aligned dentition. Thanks to orthodontics, it is possible to correct the occlusion and improve the dental appearance, solving difficulties related to oral hygiene and the appearance of oral diseases. In addition, orthodontics helps to improve the following oral problems:

  • Bruxismo.
  • Gum disease
  • Jaw problems
  • Differences to talk or chew.

We are specialists in orthodontic treatments, trust the best

It is responsible for correcting the position of the teeth or malocclusion; to return the correct function to the mouth. There are several types of orthodontics that adapt to each person by their type of treatment indicated, thus adjusting to the basic needs and possibilities of each of our patients.


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