"The biggest thing about caring for our patients is their smile when they see our work"

30 years of experience in Dentistry

We are very happy to open our second branch worldwide, we have started treating patients since South America (Ecuador) 1989, Europe (Spain) 2000, and currently United Kingdom (London) 2019, all these years have served us to acquire the Best experience with all types of dental cases. Since our beginnings we have been updating and expanding our knowledge day by day, as the technology advances and with it also our Dental field, that is why we have especially focused on offering our services with the latest computerized technology, so that our patients are Wear the best in terms of quality. Our work team has people prepared with Masters and Doctorates in Dental Specializations, we also have Dental Prosthetic experts who are with us every day working as a team so that all the processes of each treatment guarantee a better quality and duration.
This time we have opted for teamwork with dental prosthetic experts and using advanced technology to reach a better quality for our patients.
We are aware that the dental health of our patients is the most important, which is why we will continue working as we have done in all these years with a lot of effort and dedication.

Dental specialties of our dental clinic:

In our dental clinic we have all the specialties of dentistry that allows you to be in confidence to perform different treatments such as any of them: orthodontics (brackets, self-ligating brackets, microimplants or mini orthodontic implants); all about aesthetic dentistry, such as teeth whitening, smile design with high quality veneers that involves treatment on the specialty of oral rehabilitation, prostheses on dental implants, fixed dentures, child dentistry such as pediatric dentistry, high-quality resins and aesthetics for reconstruction of shims due to what forms tooth decay. oral and maxillofacial surgery, strings or 3rd molar extraction, removal of cysts or tumors, we perform all types of dental emergency to remove pain immediately. We have the specialty of endodontics (root canal treatment).


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