In the same way that it happens with other aspects related to health, the choice of your reference dental clinic is fundamental for several reasons. In Condor Dent we are experts in the integral treatment of the oral cavity, offering you a close and personalized treatment. In our dental clinic we have an optimal level of preparation and training of our staff, which allows us to perform a wide range of procedures, specifically adapted to your needs. Our goal, first of all, is to carry out treatments that ensure, in possible cases, the preservation of your original dentition. If you need a dentist in Alicante, in this blog article we explain why you should choose us

Reasons why you should choose

At Condor Dent, whenever possible, we opt for Conservative Dentistry. That is, we are inclined to treat and preserve the original teeth. Even in orthodontic procedures, we avoid extractions, thanks to the use of low friction systems. All the working methods and the materials we use are, above all, quality and based on the latest technologies. We have digital radiology devices, which allow us to obtain images of the oral cavity at the time, without waiting for the development of these. In addition to a tube of rays for radiographs that require more detail, we have Orthopantomography and Teleradiographs for the study of orthodontic cases. We also use Straumann implants, whose osseointegration process, success and durability is greater.

We have it all!

At Condor Dent we want you to feel as comfortable as possible during your visit. Therefore, our waiting room is soundproofed, so you can get more relaxed. The best reception, the best attention.

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