High quality Dental Implants

Give your denture's appearance a second chance.

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A healthy and beautiful smile... at any age

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Smile Design

Give your smile one the best look in the world.

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The ideal whitening for your family's oral health

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Multilingual Team

Our qualified team of multilingual dentists can speak English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Two Locations in Europe

We are located in London and Madrid, our doctors can see our patients in two places.

Finance Your Treatment

Benefit from our 0% interest finance plans to allow you to spread the cost of your treatment.

30 years of experience

We have the best experience in the European market


Working in a comfortable and relaxed environment at Condor Dent, our team of professionals will help you make the right decision for you. We believe that prevention is better than long-term cure for our patients, always helping you to have the treatment you want. We are a professional dental team eager to ensure that your visit to our clinics is as good as it deserves. From your initial diagnosis to the last check-up, whatever you need, allow yourself to be attended and advised by our experts. The objective of Condor Dent is to attend the dental needs of our patients in an integral way and at the best price. Condor Dent offers its services to clients from Spain, South America and the United Kingdom, as well as to happy patients who travel regularly from Portugal, France, Italy … and as far as Dubai to receive their dental care at Condor Dent. We personalize the attention by listening to your concerns and expectations and then working around them to achieve the desired result.

Director. Rogeer Hernan Cushicondor T.​

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Highly trained dental team

Our dental team at Condor Dent offers comprehensive dentistry of the highest quality. That is why we seek to expand our family with new team members that can help us make each patient smile.

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Dental implants are ideal for people with good oral health who have lost one or more teeth. By replacing only one tooth in the mouth, they allow the restoration of a natural smile, improving patient comfort and confidence.​


5 years of free replacement or repair guarantee on crowns, bridges and veneers, lifetime warranty on all dental implants, we explain all the treatment options available to you, we provide you with the best quality and care, we treat you as we would expect to receive treatment And if I can’t help it, we’ll guide you in the right direction.

Dentist clinic equipments


We are working with the latest technology in dentistry to provide the best quality.
All our dental work is done in Digital by computer and high quality machines.

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Clínica Dental

Una clínica dental es un lugar que se especializa en tratamientos odontológicos, en la cual se atienden problemas de salud bucodental y cuestiones estéticas.

Condor Dent es una clínica odontológica y clínica dental latina en Madrid y Londres, que cuenta con especialistas en cada una de las áreas dentales: implantes, ortodoncia, endodoncia, estética dental, odontopediatría y en general, contamos con una gran variedad de servicios para atender todas sus necesidades, nos especializamos en tratamientos de ortodoncia estética con brackets transparentes u también llamado ortodoncia invisible.

Nuestro equipo de trabajo puede atenderte en tres diferentes idiomas portugués, inglés y español, es como si tuvieras cerca, por ejemplo, clínicas portuguesas en Londres, o clínicas colombianas en Londres.

Nuestro primer objetivo, es hacer tratamientos que garanticen, en la mayoría de los casos, la conservación de la dentición original antes que la extracción o cualquier otro recurso, de no ser posible, te ofrecemos entonces soluciones integrales para que quedes satisfecho con nuestro trabajo y el servicio que ofrecemos.

El objetivo de Condor Dent es atender las necesidades dentales de nuestros pacientes de manera integral y al mejor precio, es por eso que ofrecemos nuestros servicios a clientes de Sudamérica, España y Reino Unido, así como a pacientes que viajan con frecuencia desde Italia, Portugal, Francia y otros lugares más alejados para recibir su atención dental en Condor Dent.

Clínica Dental


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