Condor dent

Group of Spanish-speaking professionals who will attend to your oral health and aesthetic issues.


Our professional team of multilingual dentists can assist you in English, Portuguese and Spanish.


Director and Administrator

Our director Roger Hernan C. I started my career as a dental technician in 2014, after 5 years of experience in the dentistry sector, I opened Condor Dent “Dental Clinic” in May 2019.




Dr. Hernan is one of our most experienced specialists in Dentistry with more than 30 years of experience and has achieved many successful treatments throughout his career.

Maria Menut


General Dentist

Dra Maria Menut is a General Dentist graduated from the Medical University of Portugal. Dra Maria she has 20 years of experience in dentistry, which makes her invaluable to us.




Dra Inês Do Carmo Cardoso is one of the newest professionals to join Condor Dent. Dra Cardoso has a Master’s Degree in Dentistry. In 2021, he joined the Condor Dent family.

Why choose us at Condor Dent?

Leading Hispanic Dental Clinic in London

We are happy to work in a relaxed and patient-friendly environment, therefore our team of professionals at Condor Dent will guide you on what is the best decision for your treatment as it is better to cure than sorry.

At Condor Dent, we are passionate about what we do, which is why we make sure that your visit meets your expectations and standards, from the first diagnosis to the last check-up. Let us assist you and advise you by our experts. Our goal is to provide our patients with honest, quality care at the best price.

Our fixed client agenda covers a wide variety of cultures; Spain, South America and the United Kingdom. In the same way, we serve customers who travel regularly and are not residents; Portugal, France, Italy even those who come from as far away as Dubai.

We make sure to offer personalized attention to each client, always trying to meet their expectations to achieve the desired result for the patient.

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30 years of experience

Condor Dent offers only the best quality. For this reason, we make sure to recruit the best dentists to join our family of professionals and help us make each of our patients smile.

We work with the latest technology available in the dentistry industry. We digitize our work on high quality machines to offer the best possible accuracy.

We will explain all the available treatments and offer you the best quality and care as we treat as we would like to be treated and, if we cannot help you, we will guide you in the right direction for you.

Our Allies

Dental Clinic

A dental clinic is a place that specializes in treating oral health and cosmetic issues. Condor Dent is a dental clinic that has a wide variety of services to meet all your needs. We specialize in aesthetic orthodontic treatments with brackets and we have specialists in each of the dental areas; implants, orthodontics, endodontics, cosmetic dentistry, pediatric dentistry and general dentistry. In addition, our work team can assist you in three languages; Portuguese, English and Spanish.

Our main objective is to carry out treatments that are inclined, in most cases, towards the conservation of the original denture, thus avoiding extraction or any other resource that may be abrasive with the original denture. If this is not possible, we will offer you comprehensive solutions according to your needs.


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