Invisalign (Sophisticated plastic transparent dental aligners). This is one of the latest incorporated technics in the odontological industry for dental alienation. It is a revolutionary treatment because it completely changes the concept of dental braces.

First of all, the absence of wires and elastic bands.

Secondly, its presentation is far more aesthetic because it is transparent and almost invisible.

Lastly, it is very easy to use because the patient can remove them whenever it is needed.

The right way to do a good job

Once all the necessary checks up are done through a 3D program, a prototype is built. It will show the customer how the correctors would look like in the superior and inferior part of the denture. After the prototype has been approved, its fabrication is undertaken in plastic material.

The precision of the denture has to be exact because these have to adjust to the patients’ teeth. It will be responsible for the alienation by applying pressure until the desired position is reached. In this case, this could be possible thanks to a series of “aligners” located inside the prosthesis as they apply the necessary pressure mentioned before. Hence, the alienation of the teeth is successful. 

Who is Invisalign indicated for?

Invisalign can correct various occlusive problems such as;

  • Crowded teeth
  • Interdental spaces
  • Overbite, when the upper teeth overlap with the lower ones when closing the mouth
  • Cross-bite is when the dental arches are poorly aligned
  • When the lower front teeth are positioned in front of the upper teeth, meanwhile the bite


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