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Dental bridges are structures or prostheses used to replace those teeth that for one reason or another have fallen out. It is an external structure that is mainly made up of crowns and that are usually placed between the teeth adjacent to the free spaces that we may have in the teeth.

Currently they are not as widely used since dental implants have replaced dental bridges, but, depending on the case, it may be better (or even necessary) to resort to a dental bridge.

What types of dental bridges currently exist?

Currently there are mainly 3 different types of dental bridges known:

  1. Traditional. They are the best known and are formed by false teeth and dental crowns to keep these teeth fixed in the denture. They can only be used in cases where the missing teeth have natural teeth next to them.
  2. Cantilever. They are very similar to traditional bridges, but the only characteristic that differentiates them is that in the case of cantilever bridges it is not necessary to have teeth on both sides since it only supports one natural tooth.
  3. Maryland. One of the advantages of the Maryland bridge is that it is not necessary to cut into the natural teeth in order to be placed on the denture. To adhere, simply use wings that adapt to the adjacent teeth of the missing one.

What is the average duration of a dental bridge?

Dental bridges usually have an average duration of between 5 to 10 years. It all depends on the type of bridge to use, the care we give our teeth and many other factors that can influence the duration.
Similarly, it is important to take great care of our oral health regardless of what type of treatment, procedure or implant we may have.

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