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Do you want to have a beautiful smile? At Condor Dent we do the best dental cleanings!

It is possible that many of you do not know that no matter how much we take care of our dental health (using dental floss, brushing, etc.) bacteria and tartar can hide in those areas that are difficult for us to reach in our daily cleaning.
It is for this reason that experts recommend at least carrying out a dental cleaning every 6 months (at least once a year). And it is that a dental cleaning allows you to easily eliminate all those bacteria, tartar and other elements that hide in areas that are difficult to clean.

Are dental cleanings very painful?

If we have good oral health and go every 6 months or every year to have cleanings done by professionals in the sector, dental cleanings can go almost unnoticed and we will have practically no pain.
These types of procedures usually cause a little more pain when we let time pass and do not perform scheduled cleanings.

Is it true that dental cleanings wear down tooth enamel?

No, this is not true. Dental cleanings carried out by professionals are very positive for our teeth and only take care of our teeth. And it is that, for example, at condor dent we only use the best products and equipment on the market.
The problems with this type of treatment occur when the professional does not have the necessary equipment and materials to carry out the cleaning.
For that reason, only trust your trusted dentist to perform any procedure that has to do with our oral health and the appearance of our smile.

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