Looking for dental implants in London?

If you are looking for dental implants in London you came to the right place, because here you will find valuable information about this dental treatment that will completely recover your smile.

We invite you to read us to the end so that, in addition to learning more about a London dental implant, you can learn about some promotions and benefits at our Condor Dent dental clinic.

Do you want to recover your smile?

When a patient loses one or more teeth, several daily actions are affected, such as chewing, speaking and obviously smiling freely.

Therefore, if you live in London or the United Kingdom and are looking to recover your smile through a London dental implant, because you do not like removable dentures, we tell you that at Condor Dent we can cover this need through a lasting solution. , fixed, functional, comfortable and aesthetically beautiful.

Here we tell you why we are the first option in London to do dental implants:

  • We are specialists in restoring the appearance of your teeth and of course, your smile
  • We use a material called titanium, a metal that is biologically compatible with the body
  • It is a procedure performed by professional experts
  • Our specialized treatment will prevent bone loss in the jaws
  • Daily actions such as chewing and speaking will be totally safe and comfortable
  • Last but not least, with this procedure you will be able to smile calmly with a natural smile and in complete safety.

What is the cost of dental implants London?

To answer the question how much do dental implants cost in the UK, we remind you that we already have another entry published on our blog about the price of dental implants in the United Kingdom and much more information about dental implants in London.

For this reason, we will not address this topic in this blog post, but you can go to the previous link to find out all that information of interest to you.

What promotions do we have active regarding dental implants?

We tell you that we have a super special promotion related to London dental implants.

Next December 16 and 17 we will offer an open day where the first implant consultation will be totally free. You just have to request your appointment to access this great benefit.

We also have other active promotions such as the following:

  • Orthodontics Open Day on January 12 and 16, where the first orthodontic consultation will be totally free.
  • Teeth whitening + free teeth cleaning
  • First consultation of Composite & Emax dental veneers totally free.

Take advantage of all our benefits so that you not only have a beautiful and healthy smile but also save a few pounds sterling on your dental treatments with us.

Difference between a dental implant and a dental prosthesis

So that you have at hand all the information you need to make the decision to get a dental implant, we will tell you the difference between these two types of treatments that fulfill the function of giving you back a beautiful smile but with really significant differences.

Before explaining the differences, let’s quickly address what each of the solutions is:

Dental prostheses

The dental prosthesis can be fixed or removable. If it is a removable prosthesis, over time it loosens producing movements when chewing, speaking and allowing food to enter between the palate and the base of the prosthesis.

If it is a fixed prosthesis, healthy teeth are sacrificed to hold the denture.

In both cases, dental implants are always recommended unless the patient has health limitations that prevent placing an implant or due to economic factors.

Dental implants

Dental implants are definitive solutions that use a screw as the root of the tooth on which a cover that mimics the natural tooth is attached.

Now yes, we will explain the main differences between these two solutions:

On an aesthetic level

Both solutions respond well to the aesthetic requirements of the patient, however, implantology uses techniques and materials that are more similar to a natural tooth, not only in shape but also in functionality.


Materials of both solutions are totally different. The prostheses are built with acrylic, ceramic and resin materials. The implants are made of titanium in its root and the artificial tooth of zirconium, palladium-gold, titanium, and chrome-cobalt.


In general terms, adaptation to a dental implant is faster than a dental prosthesis, since the first solution is almost natural to the patient, while the prosthesis is a foreign body in the mouth. However, there are exceptions, especially depending on the anatomical conditions of the bone.


Dental implants respond faster and much better to the functionality of chewing, speaking and smiling, since they do not move or dislodge.


With proper care, maintenance, and oral hygiene, both solutions are long-lasting, however, dentures last eight to twelve years while implants can last a lifetime.

Surely there will be many more differences between these two types of solutions, but we consider that these are the most important, without taking into account the costs of both types of treatments.

We hope that all this information about dental implants in London that we share with you is very useful so that you can make a fully informed decision. However, your doctor should evaluate your health conditions to know whether or not you are suitable for a dental implant.

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