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The most common causes of infection, inflammation and necrosis are the existence of caries. If you feel pain when chewing, swelling and sensitivity, we recommend that you go to your trusted dentist. For what reason? The presence of caries in the tooth is a problem which must be treated. Through the realization of an x-ray, the damage caused by the caries can be located. Once the problem is located, a diagnosis is made.

Sometimes, it is necessary to proceed to orthodontics since the infection in the pulp or nerve, which is located inside the tooth, dies causing the discomfort explained above.

Therefore, an endodontic treatment is a very good option to treat necrosis problems.

We guarantee a 100% successful result in endodontic treatments

Through endodontics, we can treat the problem preserving both the root and the pulp of the tooth. When the pulp, which is located inside the tooth, dies or becomes diseased, it is imperative to carry out a canal treatment through the root. The purpose of this is to be able to save the tooth and not have the need for an extraction. Leaving the pulp intact allows the cells and blood vessels to continue to provide oxygen and blood, which can guarantee the life of the tooth.

If, on the contrary, and the pulp has to be removed, because it is dead or diseased, the space that remains, after extraction, is carefully cleaned and a special material is filled, which will close the canal towards the root. of the tooth.

Our team of specialists in the area of ​​endodontics can guarantee a 100% effective result since they have all the material and technology needed to carry out said treatment.

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