One of the most frequent causes for infection, inflammation and necrosis of the pulp is caries. In this case, it can cause trauma, abrasion and wear of the teeth. Therefore, if you ever feel pain while chewing, swelling and tenderness is recommended to attend a dentist, especially an endodontist. The specialist will take X-Rays and will diagnose an appropriate treatment.  

We guarantee 100% success in your endodontic treatment

Through the Endodontics Specialty, we perform all the procedures to care for and preserve the health of the roots and the dental pulp of the teeth. When the pulp inside the root of the teeth dies or becomes ill, it is imperative to undergo a root canal treatment. The purpose of this is to keep the original teeth so do not need to remove them. Leaving the pulp untouched allows the blood vessels, nerves, and cells to provide oxygen and blood for maintaining the teeth in good health.

However, if the pulp has to be removed because it is ill or damaged, the remaining space is cleaned and filled with a special material to seal the root canal.  

Our experienced team of specialists in the Endodontics area can guarantee a 100% efficient and successful result as our team has all the material, technology, and facilities to carry any treatment. 


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