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Before proceeding with an extraction, the dentist has to carry out an exhaustive study of the patient’s dental history and then proceed to take X-Rays. The X-rays will help the dentist to better understand the length, shape, position and the surroundings of the tooth to be treated, in addition, the dentist will be able to deduce an approximate level of difficulty and decide which procedure will be carried out or if it is better to recommend a dental surgeon.
If the dentist makes the decision to extract the tooth, the procedure will be as follows:
  • Anesthetize the area around the tooth using a local anesthetic
  • Using a dental elevator, the dentist proceeds to recede the tooth.
  • Using dental forceps the dentist removes the tooth.
  • To give a more professional finish, the adjacent bone is filed.
  • And, finally, if the dentist deems it convenient, he will close the scar with stitches.

¿Cuál es el procedimiento más apropiado?

Simple extraction: This procedure is carried out when the tooth to be extracted is visible.

Extraction with dental surgery: This procedure is carried out when the tooth to be extracted has not broken the gum or has not yet erupted, which makes it a more complex procedure to carry out.

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