What do you know about invisible orthodontics?

In this article we will tell you valuable information about invisible orthodontics so that you know what it is, how much it costs, how it works, and more.

In general, orthodontics includes all the techniques that help correct and align the malocclusion in the mouth, that is, align the bones and teeth to have a correct bite that does not lead to other dental problems.

How to choose whether invisalign or braces?

We are going to tell you what the difference is between invisalign or braces so that you know when you can use one or the other.

The first thing you should know is that invisible orthodontics can be used in almost all the same cases as when conventional orthodontics is used, that is, with braces.

If your case is one of those that can be treated with both types of treatment, you should take into account the following to make the decision about which treatment to choose.

  • You should know that only 90% of orthodontic cases can be treated with invisalign
  • Both types of orthodontics are effective, yes, if the invisalign takes the necessary time, which must be a minimum of 22 hours a day.
  • If what you are looking for is the most aesthetic treatment, invisalign is the most aesthetic orthodontic system, which offers less visual impact.
  • Thanks to the precision of invisalign treatment, this solution is faster than traditional orthodontics.
  • The results of traditional orthodontic treatment are visible more quickly than with invisible aligners.
  • Treatment with invisible aligners is less painful than traditional orthodontics.
  • The cleaning and hygiene of orthodontics with invisible aligners is much more comfortable than with traditional braces.

We believe that with what we have just described you already have a lot of information to make any decision regarding the orthodontics you want to use.

Types of invisible orthodontics

There are two main types of invisible orthodontics that we will tell you about below:


The innovative Invisalign treatment consists of an almost imperceptible transparent splint, in which some accessories are placed inside to accommodate the teeth in the required position.

One of the great advantages of this type of treatment is that the splint can be removed, that is, it is removable, but only for a few periods of time during the day so that the treatment can be effective.

This splint is made of plastic materials and is changed approximately every two weeks or according to the specialist’s recommendations.

Lingual orthodontics

This type of orthodontics is similar to conventional orthodontics, with the difference that the brackets are thinner and are placed on the inside of the teeth so that they are not visible from the outside.

This treatment is custom designed using a 3D computer program to take into account the dental structure of each patient.

Transparent braces

Can you wear invisible braces? The answer is yes. This treatment is the most similar to traditional orthodontics, the only difference is the material (sapphire crystal) of the brackets that gives a white hue similar to the color of the patient’s teeth so that they are more imperceptible.

Its value is based on an aesthetic improvement for the patient, but functionally it is the same as traditional brackets.

In general, clear braces can be compared to traditional orthodontics, that is, wearing clear braces vs. metallic, there you can already see one of its most visible differences.

At Condor Dent, we offer you the invisible braces service in the United Kingdom or invisible orthodontics with Invisalign, which is a great treatment to align your teeth and improve both your smile and your self-esteem.

Request a valuation appointment with us and give us the pleasure of making you smile with complete confidence!

Advantages and disadvantages of invisible orthodontics

As with any dental treatment, we have some advantages and disadvantages of using this type of orthodontic treatment for you to take into account compared to traditional orthodontics.


  • It is a little perceptible treatment for other people, which makes the smile more aesthetic
  • Invisalign can be removed at certain times of the day, which makes this treatment and cleaning more bearable.
  • You can know in advance the result of this treatment since its 3D design allows you to see its future results.
  • Revision visits are required less frequently than with traditional braces.
  • Chafing or sores on the cheeks that traditional braces cause are less likely.


  • With invisalign being removable, there is a risk of losing them or that the orthodontic appliance may be damaged.
  • It is a more expensive treatment than conventional treatments, as the splints are completely personalized and tailored for each patient.
  • A lot of discipline is required to wear the splint for the necessary time so that the treatment time does not take longer than estimated.
  • If you bruxa, this is not the most indicated treatment for you, since the splints can be damaged more easily and as we said, they are also more expensive.

How do invisible braces work?

The mechanism of action of invisible brackets or invisible aligners works the same as conventional orthodontics.

The action of traditional brackets is based on the movement of the teeth by means of a force applied by means of elastic springs.

Similarly, with invisible aligners, forces are applied to pairs of teeth to direct their movement, acting like the wire and the traditional bracket, but they do not require brackets themselves because the elastic aligner used is in direct contact with the teeth.

According to what we have just described, we can say that invisible braces work in a good and effective way.

How much do invisible braces cost in London?

The prices of invisible braces in the United Kingdom are described and defined in the article that we have already published on the cost of braces in the United Kingdom, which we invite you to consult.

However, we recommend requesting an assessment appointment to have on the table all the necessary components that must be taken into account in your own treatment.

As you may have realized, invisible orthodontics is a great option to align your teeth in a more aesthetic way and with all the advantages that this type of treatment represents.

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