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Types of inquiries and their prices

In your first general consultation we will look at everything related to your dental health to better inform us about the case.

If the first consultation is to place a dental implant, we will give you a great price. Likewise, in this case, we will make an exhaustive evaluation of the specific case.

The first orthodontic consultation is totally free! We offer this great advantage for new and old clients, in this way, they can know whether or not they need orthodontics for free.

In your first orthodontic continuity appointment we will follow up on the case.

We have excellent news! You can reserve for your monthly orthodontic checkup appointment and we will return the deposit if you keep your appointment.

If you do not want to lose the money for your appointment, you must notify us and cancel the appointment with 48 hours in advance.

Our services

Why do we pay for dental consultations in London?

In health, the initial evaluation is always the most important part of the process, since it allows us to understand the problem, its cause, how to solve it and how to do the best prevention.

Also in dental care.
If you want to take the best care of your teeth and save money from future worse problems, it is best to get a checkup with an experienced dentist.

Still, you might not believe it, but some people think that consultations should be free.
London is where just one stop with the tube in zone 1 is worth £ 2.70.

£ 2.70 for a maximum of 2 minutes in a crowded tube and sometimes without being able to sit down.

And still, some people think that having a highly qualified dentist deeply examine your mouth for more than half an hour is worth less than that.


Our contact details

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David Corrales Moreta

Professional treatment given and with clarifications at all times of why to do one treatment or another. It is highly recommended to leave the care of your teeth in the hands of Doc. Hernán.

Convenience when paying.


Sonja Mones

It is the first time that I have had a treatment at Condor Dent and the experience so far has been good. I hope to continue being part of your loyal customers. All the best.


Katerin Quebrada

In December I went to have two teeth put resin because I did not like their roundness. The doctor gave me his opinion and since I am very complicated and more with aesthetics I asked him to show me so I could make sure that I was happy before finishing the procedure. Sara also very professional and I felt well cared for, I will definitely return. I was very happy with my perfect smile. Thanks, recommended.


Michelle Rodriguez

It is the first time that I decide to have a treatment. I started orthodontics at the end of last year with Dr. Inés. And I couldn’t be happier with the whole process and obviously with the results I’m seeing. Excellent human being, who knew how to guide me from the beginning and was able to solve all my doubts. She and her entire team have been very kind and professional. The environment and security measures, for your well-being, are also to be valued.
Very happy and grateful to everyone.
I highly recommend this dental clinic.

Terms and Conditions

It is very important that for all appointments if you are not going to attend, you must report 48 hours in advance so as not to lose money. We do this in order to assure all our clients a fast and effective treatment. It does not make much sense to have our experts waiting for appointments that are not going to come, being able to treat dental emergencies or other patients who really need it.

We work for and for our clients and all our terms and conditions go hand in hand with that objective: to provide a quality service and to be able to serve them all in the best way.

We hope you can understand and understand these terms when making your reservation and also when canceling it.

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