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“Our services stand out because of our personalised attention, the quality of our treatments and the possibility to be attended in Spanish, English and Portuguese.”

Preventive treatments

To preserve your original teeth, we perform different treatments such as; caries remediation through fillings. For this reason, we use the best materials in the dentistry market. In addition, our experience and knowledge about aesthetics give us a plus when treating our patients.

Moreover, the fillings we produce are aesthetically unnoticed, imitating the shape and tone of original teeth; we can achieve this by using an integrated system.

When doing a dental check-up, we can diagnose any oral pathology before it starts to develop.

For example, during a preventive revision, the dentist could treat: caries, periodontal disease and bruxism (this refers to the constant action of applying involuntary pressure in the teeth).

To deliver a professional finish is recommended to have a professional cleaning. In this case, the dentist can also perform preventive actions like; removing tartar and bacterial plaque and polishing the dental surface.

Non-invasive Smile Design

Through our Smile Design, we can bring harmony and beauty to your smile. We can also improve aspects such as the colour, shape and size of the teeth. In addition, we will correct the relationship between the angle and proportions of the teeth with your gums, lips, chin, nose and face. For this reason, a team of the most qualified specialists in the aesthetics field will be available for you. Furthermore, our technology and facilities allow us to perform treatments like; veneers, porcelain veneers and others. As a result, we can guarantee successful results for you and your smile.

Smart Orthodontics

Orthodontic treatments are the best option to correct the following problems: malocclusion, bad bite and crowded teeth.

One example could be malocclusion or bad-bite problems when the upper teeth do not fit properly with the inferior teeth when closing the mouth; that is called malocclusion. For this type of problem, orthodontic treatment would be the best option because it aligns and corrects the teeth.

Therefore, we have all the materials needed for this treatment and the best professionals for the task.

Teeth whitening

This aesthetic treatment is ideal for recovering the white colour of your teeth that has been lost. Teeth whitening reduces several yellowish or greyish colour shades, leaving your teeth whiter and brighter. In the same way, we will eliminate stains on the teeth produced by the consumption of tobacco, cigarettes, coffee, tea, red wine, soft drinks and dark drinks.

In addition, all the whitening treatments always follow health and safety protocols, so the patient is in a safe environment. Our safety protocols and our technology allow us to perform safe and successful treatments.

Child Orthopedics

Child orthopaedic treatments should be treated as soon as possible. Specialists recommend detecting any dental issues between 5 to 12 years old to prevent significant future problems.

If we want to help the little ones, we should guide healthy and harmonic jaw and teeth development. Therefore, we recommend that you bring your child to a revision with a specialist before the 5th child’s birthday. If treatment is needed, it would be easier to fix because the body is more receptive to changes and recovers faster at that age. Within that revision, problems related to the jaw’s malformation and bad-positioning can be detected and, for instance, prevented


In Condor Dent, we undertake endodontics procedures, always making sure we preserve the root’s health inside the original teeth. If the pulp gets ill or dies, a root canal treatment is necessary.

However, the primary purpose is to try and maintain the original teeth for as long as possible. Since blood vessels, nerves, and the cells responsible for the subminister of oxygen and blood to the teeth are inside the teeth’s root. When the pulp has to be removed, the space that it leaves is deeply cleaned and filled with a particular material closing the root canal.

Our team of specialists have years of experience making root canal treatments. In addition, our technology is a convenient help to give our patients the best results.


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