Our clinics are equipped with the best equipment available

We are one of the best dental clinics with the latest technology

Our clinics are equipped with the best equipment available, guaranteeing the best results in terms of; quality, speed and comfort for the patient. With your comfort in mind, we have our own X-ray unit, operating room, and dental lab. Which means that when patients require specialized care they do not have to travel to other places since we have everything!
At Condor Dent we not only have a great team of professionals, but also our infrastructure includes state-of-the-art equipment that is very useful in offering our clients the best results, making us one of the best dental clinics in London.

How advantageous is it to have the best technologies?

Every year, technology offers us new solutions in all aspects and for all areas. In the case of dental treatments, technology has advanced in an extraordinary way. Thus helping dental clinics to offer more effective treatments.
For this reason, our technological team is one of the best. We strive every day so that our offices have the most innovative equipment in the dental market.
Having the best technology is important to us. In this way, our clients can feel confident that the treatment they receive is one of the best.

What specialties can be treated at Condor Dent?

We have reached the most important point, publicizing the services available in our clinics. Below you will find a list of the treatments and specialties that Condor Dent can offer:
  1. Dental implants: They are one of our specialties because we have the best technologies to perform dental implants. In addition, a lot of knowledge and experience is needed to be able to carry out a quality treatment which can give a guarantee in the future.
  2. Endodontics: When there are problems with the dental pulp, inflammation, infection, headaches, among others. Endodontics (also known as a root canal) are required. We have everything you need to perform this kind of treatment.
  3. Extractions: An extraction may seem simple, but it is quite the opposite. Many precautions, measures, evaluations, etc. must be taken. Well, doing it the right way is one of our priorities.
  4. Dental veneers: They are covers that are placed on teeth that are slightly broken or damaged. The materials have to be the best in order to assure the patient that they will not have problems in the future.
  5. Teeth whitening: We restore smiles through our teeth whitening treatments. Do you want whiter teeth and a television smile?

Can we treat periodontal diseases at Condor Dent?

It is a fairly common question since treating periodontal diseases requires rapid detection and treatment, since it is very important to do it soon in order to avoid more serious problems. Currently, there are two periodontal diseases that are the most common; periodontitis and gingivitis. These diseases can affect the health of the gums, the bone around the teeth, among others.
What can happen if we do not treat periodontal disease in time?
Mainly, other problems that seriously affect health can be generated. For example, a pregnant woman would be at risk of losing her baby, in addition, they could be the triggers of diseases such as; cancer, lung disease, arthritis, heart problems, etc.
For these reasons, it is necessary to try to see our dentist for routine inspections at least every 6 months.

How often is it advisable to go to the dentist even if you have good dental health?

If you enjoy good dental health, it is recommended that you maintain a regular check-up of your oral health. It is mainly recommended that you visit your dentist every 6 months. That said, you don’t have to wait 6 months if you feel problems or discomfort starting to show, if that’s the case you should see a dentist immediately.

How can you contact us at Condor Dent, the best dental clinic in London?

At Condor Dent we are aware that we live in a very busy society and that time is often tight. For this reason, we offer several quick and easy contact options.

Tel: 0208 0012 373 or 0744 5408 884 You can reach us 24/7

In addition, for those who prefer to communicate online, we have our email where we can answer any questions, questions or requests.

Since we are a clinic that advances with technology and modernity, we also have official Facebook, Instagram and YouTube pages.

Finally, we are located in Brixton. You can use “Park Heights”, “Slade Gardens” or “Myatt´s Fields Park” as a reference..

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Brixton, Londres


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