Condor Dent one of the best dental hospitals in London for emergencies

Do you have a dental emergency and you don’t know how to solve it? We invite you to meet Condor Dent one of the best dental hospitals in London for oral health emergencies!

Did you know that dental emergencies are very, very common? At any time they may suffer some type of accident related to their oral health, there may be some complication with their teeth or many other things that cannot wait and must be treated immediately.

It is for this and many other reasons that at Condor Dent we strive every day to offer our clients an emergency treatment of the best quality, ensuring that any type of urgent problem can be dealt with quickly to avoid greater evils.

Knowing a little more about Condor Dent, one of the dental hospitals in London for emergencies

Condor Dent is a dental clinic that is among the top of the best clinics in London for the work done by each and every one of the professionals who operate in this place.

We specialize in treating from aesthetic problems to issues related to the oral health of our clients, we have the knowledge, experience and technology to cover practically any case that may come to our dental clinic.

In addition to having a great work team, we are aware of the difficulty of finding an emergency dental hospital in London and therefore, we provide this service responsibly and punctually to all the citizens of this beautiful city.

Another relevant characteristic to know about our dental hospital is that we work with great effort in order to preserve (as much as possible, clearly) the originality of the clients’ mouth, in this way, we will always avoid using those resources that could harm the original denture.

What are the specialties that can be treated in an emergency at London dental hospital?

As we mentioned previously, we are specialists in a huge variety of procedures and treatments that have to do with oral health.

Next, we will talk about some of the specialties that can be treated in an emergency at London dental hospital:


1. Dental pain

One of the most common emergencies is very bad and almost unbearable dental pain. In these cases, the experts recommend that (in case of not wanting to go to the clinic for emergencies) at least call or write us to evaluate the case a little better and tell them if it is an emergency or if you can wait a bit.

2. Fractured tooth or molar

One case in which we do not recommend waiting at all is when a tooth or molar fractures. At this point it is key that they go quickly to the North London emergency dental hospital to fix their tooth and avoid more serious problems.

3. Pain from a crown or implant

If you begin to feel pain in the place where you have crowns or dental implants, you should go directly to your trusted dental clinic. It may be nothing, it may be a simple swelling, but, it is best to go quickly to the dental hospital to rule out that it may be a greater evil.

4. Presence of a tooth abscess with a lot of pain

Another of the cases that must be treated in an emergency has to do with when you have a dental abscess that is causing too much pain. An abscess is simply a small sac in which a lot of pus accumulates and that can be caused by different things: cavities, injuries, among others.

5. Alveolitis

A few days after a tooth is extracted, a very painful dental disease can appear and take into account a lot called alveolitis. Our recommendation? Be very attentive to severe pain after extractions and the appearance of blood clots in our teeth.

6. Very painful tooth decay

A dental emergency can also be due to tooth decay that causes almost excruciating pain. These types of conditions must be treated quickly and urgently.

7. Other conditions that can be treated in one of the best dental hospitals in London for emergencies

In general, practically any dental emergency can be treated in our clinic and with our experts.

How to contact Condor Dent?

We previously told you that many times it is advisable to call or write to your emergency dental hospital in London before going directly to the place.

This is done simply to make sure that we do need emergency treatment or, yes, it is best to take something and wait a few hours to see how the condition progresses.

Taking that into account, it is key that they know the different ways they have to contact us so that they can quickly communicate with the dental experts at our clinic and thus know what can be done to solve your problem.

To communicate with Condor Dent you have different possibilities:

  1. By calling the local telephone number: 0208 0012 373.
  2. Write or call Condor Dent’s mobile: 0744 5408 884 (for whatsapp +447445408884).

The two forms of contact (three if we count writing to WhatsApp) are the ones that best adapt to the urgency of a dental emergency. Similarly, in case of not being an emergency, you can also contact us from the live chat on the official website.

Why are we one of the best dental hospitals in London for emergencies?

The first reason that makes us one of the top dental hospitals in London to work with different oral emergencies is that we are highly dedicated to our patients and we work by and for them.

In addition to this, we have state-of-the-art technology in our dental clinic and a great team of experts in all areas of dentistry. In this way, it is very difficult for us to find a dental emergency that we cannot treat and solve in the best way.

They already know where to find an emergency hospital in East London that can help them solve all those unexpected problems that, for different reasons, appear and complicate our dental health and our day to day life.

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