Looking for the best teeth whitening clinic?

Finding a good teeth whitening clinic is a bit difficult, there are currently many different possibilities on the market, but not all of them adapt to our demands and the quality of treatments that we are waiting for.
Taking the aforementioned into account, we want to tell you about one of the best dental whitening clinics in London, a place that not only can offer you an excellent service (the best quality in the country), but will also offer specialized attention to the public. quality: Condor Dent.

What Makes a Teeth Whitening Clinic the Best?

It is very important to recognize those details and characteristics that can make a teeth whitening clinic the best among all the possibilities that we can have. Next, we will tell you a little about those characteristics and details to take into account when it comes to recognizing the best dental clinic.

1. The experience of the clinic’s professionals

One of the most important things that make a dental clinic a top is the professionals who work in it, the experience they may have with different types of treatments and the resources they have to be able to carry out such treatments.

In the case of teeth whitening, although it may seem something quite simple, it is something that must be very careful and that is that if one uses the tools and chemicals recommended for it, the results can even be catastrophic for our teeth.

One of the great advantages of the experts at Condor dent, the best teeth whitening clinic in London is that they not only have the best dental technology equipment, they also execute a type of (conservative) dentistry that prioritizes the original teeth, that means that take care of our teeth to the maximum.

2. The dental technology of the moment

Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds around the world and that includes dental treatments. Every year new equipment, new technologies, new treatments and ways of doing things appear.

A good clinic must be aware of all these changes and keep up with the new technologies that appear in the world of technology and orthodontics.

3. Good customer service, key when choosing a good teeth whitening clinic

How many times have they changed their doctor, dentist or even provider (food stores, clothing, among other things) due to poor customer service? Good customer service is a point that differentiates a good clinic.

A quality clinic is one that dedicates the time and effort necessary to its clients, so that they feel comfortable in its facilities and that they feel the security and tranquility to undergo their treatments.

A dental clinic that does not treat its clients well shows that its main objective is not to meet the demands of its clients and offer them the best possible service.

4. Variety of treatments available

Although today we are only thinking about how to choose the best teeth whitening clinic, it is quite relevant to select the clinic that can also ensure other types of treatments such as dental implants, extractions, root canals, dental veneers and many other things that we may need.

And there is nothing better than finding a dental clinic that we trust and that we can go to when we need anything related to our oral health.

Where can I whiten my teeth near me?

At the best dental clinic in London! At Condor Dent! A clinic that is located in a quite privileged place in the city and that can offer you the best prices.

The exact address of the clinic is: 1, Holles House, Overton Rd, Myatts Field South, London SW9 7AP, UK.

To request an appointment, seek a little more information or simply clarify any doubts, you can contact Condor Dent in the following ways:

By calling the landline 02080012373.
Calling or writing to the mobile 07445408884.
By email at england@gmail.com.
By entering the condordental.co.uk website and writing directly to the customer service chat.

Teeth whitening is no longer as difficult a task as before, we have a teeth whitening dental clinic very close to us that offers prices that are very adjusted to the market and a service that we will not find anywhere else.

How long can teeth whitening last?

This question is key to understanding a little better how teeth whitening works and then we will tell you a little more about the duration of a good teeth whitening.

The average duration of this type of treatment is approximately 5 years, that is, in those first 5 years you should not notice any difference in the color of the teeth. Of course, it is key that after performing a whitening they take care of their oral hygiene and the consumption of certain foods that can stain the teeth (coffee, tea, alcoholic beverages, among others).

After the first 5 years you can begin to notice a certain change in the color of the teeth, at that time, it is recommended to think about what we call a touch-up treatment.

It is quite clear that those people who have better eating habits, who take more care of their oral health, who do not smoke and who are a little more conscientious with their body, will need less touch-ups than those who are a little more careless.

In the same way, we clarify that the duration of 5 years will also depend on whether or not you go to the best dental whitening clinic and that is that if your treatment is carried out with experts, with the best equipment and materials, that duration is fully assured (with the care adequate), otherwise the mouth whitening may last even less than a year.

What are you waiting to change your life? A teeth whitening will not only change your smile, it will change how they look, how they feel and will give them much more security when smiling in public and sharing with their friends, family, partner and even with strangers.

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