What is the best whitening for your teeth? We answer this and more questions

Do you want gleaming white teeth and have no idea how to get them? Have you tried various treatments and various things that you find on the internet and nothing has worked? You have asked yourself several times: What is the best whitening for your teeth and you can not find an answer? Today we will explain to you which is the best whitening for your teeth, the costs of whitening your teeth with professionals and many other things.

What is the best home teeth whitening?

The first thing you should know is that good dental hygiene is essential if you want to prevent your teeth from staining and changing color. Taking this into account, the first thing you should do is have proper dental hygiene.
The best home teeth whitening product is a whitening strip that contains hydrogen peroxide (this is one of the most common components used by whitening professionals).
Of course, it is important to mention that these whitening strips have a lower amount of compound and that for that reason the results will not be as effective as with professional treatments.

Complementary products to help maintain the natural color of the teeth

Remember that the loss of the white color of the teeth is something natural and that it happens over time. In the same way, as with everything in our body, you may be able to find products, treatments and practices that will help you slow down this process.
Here are some of the complementary products or practices that can help you maintain the natural color of your teeth:

  1. Whitening toothpastes. Whitening toothpastes are excellent to help remove those superficial stains that may remain on your teeth. In the same way, we remind you that it is a complementary product and that only with this the results will not be what you expect. Use these creams every day to prevent stains from building up.
  2. Chew fruits and vegetables. A really recommended practice when it comes to whitening your teeth is to chew different fruits and vegetables; This will help to clean surface stains and also to eliminate some bacteria that may remain on the teeth. Some of the most recommended fruits and vegetables are apples, carrots, kale, celery, among others.

What is the best teeth whitening product?

Previously we told you that the best product to whiten teeth at home are whitening strips. Now, the real answer to the question which is the best whitening for your teeth is the following:
The best teeth whitening treatment is the one performed professionally by dentists who have the necessary equipment to take advantage of hydrogen peroxide and get the best results from this product when it comes to whitening teeth.
Professional treatments use, in addition to hydrogen peroxide at a fairly high concentration, other products and techniques to ensure that it breaks down quickly and offers better results.
It is relevant to mention about the professional treatments that tend to leave your teeth a little more sensitive for a few days (between one to three days maximum) and that can only be used if your teeth are completely healthy, that is, if you do not have cavities, holes , among other things.
Now you know what the dentist uses to whiten teeth and you also know that there is a product on the market that includes this component and that can help you keep your teeth a little whiter.

How much does a dentist charge to whiten teeth?

This question is quite interesting and it is clearly important to know how much a professional whitening performed by a recognized dentist can cost you.
The truth is that the cost of this type of treatment is not fixed and can completely depend on the dentist who is performing the treatment. In general, the prices for this type of treatment can be between 300 and 1000 euros or even a little more.
Now that you have an idea of ​​how much a whitening treatment costs at the dentist and that you already know which is the best product to whiten your teeth, we invite you to find out the best way to carry out this treatment.

So: What is the best whitening for your teeth?

As previously mentioned, the best treatment to whiten your teeth will be whitening performed by professionals who have years of experience in the sector and who have the products, tools and knowledge to do a better whitening.
In short, it is best to contact experts in the area (like us at Condor Dent) so that the results are much more effective and so that you can even save money.
Is it possible to save money by having professional whitening? Yes of course! How much money have you spent on products that are supposed to help you whiten your teeth and deliver poor or fair results? If you do the math, the sum of all those products will surely be greater than the quality and guaranteed treatment in our clinic.
It is not worth spending your money on false promises, we as professionals spend a lot of time studying the components and the treatments to make the whitening much more effective.

Are teeth whitening permanent?

Not! A professional tooth whitening can last a maximum of 5 years (counting that the person has an enviable oral hygiene). If people have bad eating habits and if they do not take proper care of their oral hygiene, the duration of time can be greatly reduced.
For example, those people who smoke, who drink a lot of coffee, tea, red wine, soft drinks and other products that can stain their teeth and who also do not take good care of their hygiene and do not use complementary products, will need regular touch-ups in their treatment to increase the duration of bleaching.
In conclusion, if you want whiter teeth, the first thing you should do is start taking better care of your oral hygiene, in addition to that, it is best to get a professional treatment that can last even up to 5 years and its cost is not that high.

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