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Were you looking for a dental hygienist in London and didn’t find one? Do you want to make sure you book a treatment with quality hygienists and with the best service?

Continue with us that today we will not only tell you how to book your appointment online with a dental hygienist in London, we will also tell you a little more about these professionals.

What is a dental hygienist?

Before telling you how to book your appointment online with the best dental hygienist in London, we want you to know a little about the concept of a hygienist, what their main functions are and what makes them a very important professional in their area of work.

Dental hygienists are also known as senior dental hygiene technicians and their primary expertise is in dental and mouth related diseases and oral hygiene.

In general, the treatments carried out by these professionals have to do with preventive dentistry (oral cleanings, dental maintenance, sealants, among other things).

Of course, hygienists cannot perform permanent treatments on their clients’ teeth, these treatments must be carried out by a dentist in charge.

How can a dental hygienist help you?

As you can see from what has been said above, the work of a city of London dental hygienist can cover various needs that a person may have in their oral health.

Taking that into account, they can request an appointment with these professionals when they have to perform a cleaning, when they must do maintenance on an oral issue, when they have to apply sealants, among many other cases.

Another key issue in which senior hygiene technicians help their patients a lot has to do with educating their patients on dental care issues, they offer us tips, advice and many other things to better maintain dental health.

In addition to this, they may see dental hygienists in the vast majority of procedures that can be carried out in a dental clinic and these professionals are of great support for dentists:

They help them with cleanings, with permanent treatments and with many, many other things.

For example, the hygienist is the professional who is in charge of disinfecting and sterilizing all the utensils that will be used in the different treatments carried out in dental clinics.

How to contact a dental hygienist in London online?

We are now going to talk about the most important topic of all and it is precisely the answer to the question: How to request an appointment with a dental hygienist London online, quickly and without problems?

The truth is that this is really simple and you simply have to follow the steps that we will discuss below:

The first step is simply to enter our official website (we have both a Spanish version and an English version).
The second step is to look a little at what we have to offer until we reach the section that interests us, which is the “request an appointment” section.
At this time we must write our name, email, telephone number and leave a message in which we clarify what our request is, what we may need, among other things.
Clever! We will have already booked our appointment and we just have to go to the best dental clinic in the UK to perform the dental treatment.

Another way to contact us online and book an appointment

Filling out the form is not the only way to book an appointment at Condor Dent, the other options we have available are:

  • Write us via email at and request the appointment.
  • Call us on our phone (available 24 hours a day) Phone: 02080012373/07445408884.

How to make sure that the dental hygienist is trustworthy?

This is an issue with which they must be very careful and it is that, despite the fact that dental hygienists do not directly handle permanent treatments of our teeth.

In the same way, it is not advisable to deal with professionals who are not totally reliable and who we know will offer us the expected results.

The first thing we should look at is the place where the London dental hygienist attends, for example, if they attend a recognized clinic (such as Condor Dent, for example) or attend an office in a place of little fame or recognition.

On the other hand, it is relevant that they have the best equipment and products on the market to perform the treatments.

For example, an oral cleaning must be carried out with quality instruments, sterilized, disinfected and that fulfill the main objective: to make an effective cleaning.

Finally, it is important to make sure that you really are a professional with the necessary knowledge to carry out any type of cleaning, maintenance or other things.

To do this, we must confirm that they have studied and have the necessary experience to really be superior hygiene technicians.

Let’s know a little about Condor Dent

So that you can feel confident when requesting an appointment with us at Condor Dent, we want to tell you a little about the clinic that has revolutionized oral health in London.

At Condor Dental we are a group of professionals who are committed to quality customer service, guaranteed care, prices adjusted to the market and the best results that our patients can expect.

In addition to this, each of our treatments (and that includes those that have to do with dental hygienists) are carried out with something called conservative dentistry.

What is conservative dentistry?

It is a way of working on oral health in which we always try to preserve the original teeth of the patient.

And it is that, in our experience, it is best to avoid extractions while possible.

But that’s not all, we have the best and most up-to-date equipment on the market (X-ray equipment, work supplies and many other things) and that ensures the possibility of offering all of you, our patients, the best treatments in the world. market.

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